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Sparkling | NV Blanc de Noirs

Made in the true 'methode traditionelle' meaning fermented in a bottle. Superb sparkling wines served at any event.

wine notes

Non-vintage NV Blanc de Noirs

The Fruit:

The fruit for our Non Vintage Blanc de Noirs is predominantly sourced from the cooler climate regions of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and the Alpine Valley in Victoria, both premium wine growing regions of Australia. These grapes are delicately flavoured and exhibit a naturally high acidity that is required to make high quality sparkling wine in the tradition of Champagne.

The Winemaking:

The Pinot Noir grapes are carefully handpicked into 200 kilogram crates to minimise maceration of grape bunches during transport. On delivery to the winery the crates are placed in refrigerated rooms to chill the fruit to 4C. These cold temperatures minimise oxidation and phenolic extraction during pressing process. The whole bunches are then loaded directly into the bag press and gently squeezed to produce a clear, fine juice fraction. The juice is then clarified and inoculated with native Champagne yeasts to ferment at cool temperatures. The blend spends 24 months on tirage before disgorgement and liqueuring.


Non-vintage NV Blanc de Noirs

The Comments:

The NV Blanc de Noirs is a very pale gold with a tinge of copper, an elegant Australian sparkling showing alluring aromas of cream biscuits, brioche and fresh strawberry fruit. With a generous, mouth filling palate the sparkling wine has flavours of shortbread biscuits, and subtle strawberry fruit following from the nose. The wine has a delicate creamy mouth feel, a fine bead and is balanced with natural acidity. This Sparkling Blanc de Noirs is well suited as a wonderful aperitif, that also partners beautifully with fine foods. The style is one of grace and finesse, balanced with flavour and, above all drinkability.

awards and reviews

Non-vintage NV Blanc de Noirs


  • Trophy | Best Sparkling White Wine (Natural Fermentation) 2015 Australian Sparkling Wine Show
  • 93 Points | James Halliday
    James HallidayAustralian Wine Companion 2012

    Pale bronze reflects its 100% pinot noir base; well-made wine, with spice and strawberry fruit and a firm finish; good balance and length; fermented in this bottle.

  • 93 Points – Tony Keys
    Tony KeysThe Key Review of Wines Jan 2010

    This is good; being just that bit picky (the higher up the scale a wine attempts to climb the more picky I become) I prefer a little more depth in my 'Blanc de Noir'.

  • 91 Points – Brett Smith
    Brett SmithGeelong Advertiser VIC, Nov 2012

    Grant Burge's classy sparkling bottle looks great and the contents don't let it down. Creamy on initial tasting, it fills the palate with soft, lingering flavours, and after a light sweetness with hints of nougat or maybe shortbread, the finish progresses to reveal a nice balance with crisp, strong natural acidity. A great celebration wine.

  • Bronze – 2010 Adelaide Wine Show
  • Bronze – 2009 Hobart Wine Show
  • Other (4 Stars) – Winestate Dec 2011. Also listed in "Style Tastings - the Best Wines of 2011" in the February 2012 issue
    Winestate Dec 2011. Also listed in "Style Tastings - the Best Wines of 2011" in the February 2012 issue

    Buttery toffee/honeyed notes on the nose. Meaty, vegemite-like flavours with hints of strawberries. Persistent, creamy finish.

  • Mike Burnett
    Mike BurnettLaunceston Examiner, Nov 2013

    The sparkling Blanc de Noirs NV is a little away from the mainstream. It is not often that Grant Burge ventures out of the Barossa and South Australia, but its 100 per cent pinot noir fruit is drawn from the Adelaide Hills and Victoria's Alpine Valley. The wine looks the part in the glass, with its fine bead and lively mousse. It is biscuity and strawberry aromas that flow through to the palate. Refreshing acid runs through the wine and it has a cleansing finish, making it ideal as an aptertif.

  • Drinks Trade Jan 2012
    Drinks Trade Jan 2012

    This is made from pinot noir grapes sourced from the Adelaide Hills and Alpine Valley regions, very elegant sparkling with creamy notes, brioche and strawberries. Very well balanced and natural acidity.

  • Illawarra Mercury, Wollongong, Dec 2012
    Illawarra Mercury, Wollongong, Dec 2012

    Beautifully presented bubbly from one of Australia's leading winemakers. Subtle and delicate, bready notes, strawberry flavours, a rush of bubbles and a creamy finish.

  • Michael Southern
    Michael SouthernPittwater Life NSW, Oct 2012

    …made from Pinot Noir grapes from the Adelaide Hills and Alpine Valley prized for their delicate flavour and high acid content. It is a fruity wine but lives up to its brut label and has an elegance about it that is missing in most sparklers at this price. Lots of creamy biscuit, brioche and strawberry notes are apparent in this delicate wine which makes a perfect aperitif.

  • Max Crus
    Max CrusDaily Examiner Dec 2011

    Shouldn't that be Blancs de noirs? Francophiles please let me know, or perhaps I should just ring Grant. Once of the best ways to enjoy pinot noir under $50.

  • Mike Burnett
    Mike BurnettLaunceston Examiner Feb 2011

    This wine has been made using the traditional methods of Champagne, with grapes sourced from the Adelaide Hills and Victoria's Alpine Valley. It has the characteristic biscuit and strawberry that pinot noir imparts. These are kept nicely in place by fresh acidity and a creamy mouth-feel. There is much to like about this wine both as a foot partner or on it's own.

  • Rick Allen
    Rick AllenManly Daily Nov 2011

    This is one of those sparkling wines that is sure to evaporate pretty quickly - mine certainly did - and at less than $30, it has a lot going for it. It is made from pinto noir grapes from Adelaide Hills and the Alpine Valley. It is delicate and creamy on the tongue with lively acid and a fine bead. Flavours of strawberry and biscuit. An ideal starter and top value.

  • Wine Selector Dec 2011
    Wine Selector Dec 2011

    This comes from the master of the Barossa - Grant Burge.

    Not many know he has won every major wine award in Australia and is the only person in Australia to win the prestigious Decanter award for the best fortified wines in the world three times. The Blanc de Noir is made in the method traditional style and Pinot Noir grapes are used. A high percentage is from the cool climate King Valley and the balance from the Adelaide Hills high in the Eden Valley. It is pale gold in colour, with copper hints. An elegant wine showing creamy biscuits, brioche and strawberry aromas. An elegant, balanced and finished wine. It will please the most discerning drinker.

  • Winewise Oct 2011
    Winewise Oct 2011

    Big, rich and bready. Quite complex, sweet and developed.

  • John Lewis
    John LewisDec 2010

    Grant Burge based this admirable sparkler entirely on Pinot Noir grapes from the Adelaide Hills and Victorias Alpine valleys. It is straw-hued with salmon pink tints and has subtle cherry flavour backed by creamy, biscuity elements that chime in on the middle palate. It would be an ideal foil for pre-meal canapés.

  • Ross Noble
    Ross NobleDec 2010

    …. from pinot noir grapes from the Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley, presents aromas of Yo Yo biscuits and fresh Beerenberg strawberries. "The Grace Kelly of the sparkling wines," says Grant Burge.

  • Winestate Dec 2010
    Winestate Dec 2010

    Classic developed, yeasty bouquet with a mouthful of soft, persistent, toasty flavours.

  • Bronze | 2015 Hobart Wine Show
  • Silver | 2015 National Wine Show
  • Bronze | 2015 Queensland Wine Show

tasting notes

Non-vintage NV Blanc de Noirs