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2015 Lily Farm Frontignac

The Fruit:

Frontignac has been grown in the Barossa for over a century, and is favoured for its intense flavour and varietal character, which can produce a wide range of wines styles, from crisp, dry table wines to luscious dessert and fortified styles. The Lily Farm vineyard is situated right in front of Grant’s home near Tanunda. 2015 was a very good year for white varieties, with a cool dry December and January preserving fruit integrity and acid.

The Winemaking:

The Frontignac grape is one which typifies the wine made from it, with a distinctive fruity grape flavour. The fruit is carefully handpicked and only free run juice is used to maximise freshness and flavour. After crushing and pressing, the clarified juice was cold fermented at 8c for 21 days before being stopped prior to complete dryness to ensure balance between desired sugar levels and acidity are met, which is the most important aspect of this wine.


2015 Lily Farm Frontignac

The Comments:

The 2015 Lily Farm Frontignac is an exceptional example of Barossa Frontignac. The natural sweetness of this wine is perfectly balanced with zingy natural acidity providing the perfect platform for classic Frontignac characters of intense florals, rosewater, candied citrus and rich tropical notes of pineapple, guava and lychee. The palate is awash with rich flavours of ripe citrus, tropical fruits and Turkish delight, and while the palate is decadently sweet and luscious, the finish is clean and crisp with refreshingly zesty acidity. A sweet and elegant wine for immediate consumption.

awards and reviews

2015 Lily Farm Frontignac


  • 2012 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Bronze – 2012 Hobart Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2012 Adelaide Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2012 Perth Wine Show
  • 2010 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • 90 Points – James Halliday
      James HallidayAustralian Wine Companion 2012

      A good example of a wine made by Grant Burge for over three decades. The sweet grape flavours are offset by citrusy acidity to provide both balance and length. A great Chinese restaurant wine.

  • 2009 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Bronze – 2009 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
    • Mount Barker Courier | April 2010
      Mount Barker Courier - April 2010

      "The Grant Burge Barossa Lily Farm Frontignac is a musky, grapey, wine to enjoy with soft cheese or a fruit salad"

  • 2008 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Bronze – 2008 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
    • James Halliday
      James Halliday2010 Australian Wine Companion

      Fresh, spicy and lively, only moderately off-dry; summer special for casual drinking.

  • 2007 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Silver – 2007 Adelaide Wine Show
    • Silver – 2007 Perth Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2007 Barossa Wine Show
    • Kerry Skinner
      Kerry SkinnerIllawarra Mercury, NSW, Feb 2008

      It's sweet and youthful with florally and musk notes on the nose, lemon and lime fruit flavours on the palate, balanced acidity and clean finish. Drink it with dessert.

  • 2006 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Silver – 2006 Barossa Wine Show
    • Silver – 2006 Adelaide Wine Show
  • 2005 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Bronze – 2006 Macquarie Bank Sydney Royal Wine Show
    • Other (Seal of Approval) – 2006 International Wine Challenge London
    • Darryl Thomas
      Darryl ThomasSunday Territorian NT

      Frontignac is a classic variety in that the wine actually tastes and smells like the ripe grape. A full, rich style that is not overly sweet, spicy fruit flavours are followed by a clean acid finish. A delicate and refreshing style that would complement spicy Thai food or lighter flavoured cheeses.

    • James Halliday
      James HallidayAustralian Wine Companion

      Gently floral, spice and grape aromas; fruit not residual sugar sweetness; Asian food specialist.

  • 2004 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • 90 Points – James Halliday
      James HallidayWine Companion 2006

      Lots of vivacious tropical fruits with a twist of lemon on an appealing sweet finish; as good as they come; great bargain; Chinese food special

    • Gold – 2004 Perth Royal Wine Show
    • Gold – 2004 Burswood Perth Royal Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2004 Royal Melbourne Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2004 Adelaide Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2004 Hobart Wine Show
    • Australian Table, January 2005
      Australian Table, January 2005

      Go out and buy as much of this as you can afford. It's semi-sweet, with apricot overtones, like chewing on really ripe green-yellow grapes. I dare you not to love it.

    • The Canberra Times, October 2004
      The Canberra Times, October 2004

      There’s nothing wrong with admitting a liking for the sweeter styles. Some wine snobs may deride those of us who admit to a sweet tooth, but they’re just denying themselves. The Grant Burge Frontignac is a sweeter style but its high level aromatics and zesty acid make it very enjoyable drinking. Aromas of musk, pears and orange leap from the glass while the palate is light and crisp. It would be a perfect match for a hot and sour Thai dish, or very pleasant drinking as an aperitif.

  • 2003 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Gold – 2003 Perth Royal Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2004 Royal Sydney Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2003 Barossa Wine Show
  • 2002 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Bronze – 2002 Royal Melbourne Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2002 Barossa Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2002 Perth Wine Show
    • Ken Gargett
      Ken GargettThe Courier Mail, 21 January 2003

      Look beyond the big four white varieties (chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon and Sauvignon blanc) and there is a plethora of grapes fighting to become a next big thing.…. Think of Grant Burge with Frontignac.

    • The Wine & Spirit Insider, September/ October 2002
      The Wine & Spirit Insider, September/ October 2002

      Delicate pale-green appearance. Fresh aromatic nose showing sweet rose petal fragrance and cool lemon/lime citrus. Sweet and juicy palate with good lifted fragrance and fresh acidity.

  • 2001 Lily Farm Frontignac
    • Winestate Magazine March 2002
      Winestate Magazine March 2002

      Lifted, sweet, floral, rose petal bouquet. Clean and fresh lively palate; sweet and fruity with lots of zesty, crisp acid to balance. Clean finish. Good length.” Best buys less than $15

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