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Lower alcohol fruit driven spritzy wines in beautiful packaging to suit any occasion.

wine notes

2016 Moscato Frizzante

The Fruit:

The Grant Burge Moscato Frizzante is a delicate style, suited to all styles of wine lovers and many different occasions. This wine is handcrafted from premium vineyards throughout the Barossa and South Australia, using the traditional Moscato varieties of White Frontignac and Muscat Gordo Blanco.

The Winemaking:

The fruit was crushed and destemmed with the fermentation process carried out at a cool temperature (below 10 degrees) for a couple of weeks. At this time the fermentation was stopped to retain natural grape sugars and sweetness. The wine had only 8.0% alcohol when it was bottled under low temperatures to retain the natural carbon dioxide which appears in the wine as subtle elegant bubbles.


2016 Moscato Frizzante

The Comments:

The 2014 Moscato Frizzante is an exceptionally rich and fruity wine showing aromas unique to the Muscat family such as confectionery, fairy floss and rosewater, together with tropical fruit. The palate is a mix of natural fruit sugar balanced with lower alcohol and crisp acidity. With its light spritz it is best served chilled as a refreshing aperitif at any occasion.

awards and reviews

2016 Moscato Frizzante


  • 2014 Moscato Frizzante
    • Bronze | 2015 Perth Royal Wine Show
  • 2013 Moscato Frizzante
    • Silver | 2014 Decanter Asia Wine Awards
    • Bronze | 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards

      Fragrant, floral and gently honeyed nose followed by a palate with a focused acid attack though light, delicate and fun.

    • Bronze – 2013 Perth Royal Wine Show
    • Alan Hunter
      Alan HunterThe Courier Mail, 2015

      This is a sweet quaff that won't knock you around too much. The palate has a delicate fizz that lifts the trademark floral and musky notes of the varietal.

    • 90 Points | Mike Bennie
      Mike BennieWBM - Mar 2014

      Hard to imagine Burge himself settling into a bottle of this, but you never know... It's light, fresh, finishes with lightly briny freshness and shows pretty floral, musk and rose water flavours and aromas. Simple thing, done well, not complex. Good example of the style.

    • Adelaide Advertiser
      Tony LoveAdelaide Advertiser Apr 2014

      Moscato has fast become an increasingly popular style, and Grant Burge has produced a great addition to the category.  This delicate wine displays floral and citrus characters on the nose and palate, and is nicely balanced with natural sweetness and crisp acidity.  It finishes with a "frizzante" feel on the tongue, and would be suited either as a pre-dinner aperitif, or matched to a fruit based dessert.

    • Cosmopolitan DoTryBuy
      Cosmopolitan DoTryBuy Mar 2014

      Pop a bottle of Grant Burge Moscato Frizzante for pre- drinks. or let it flow freely at your next party; you won't hear any complaints T trust us! This fine wine is packed full of fresh and fruity flavours that everyone will love.

    • Mike Burnett
      Mike BurnettLaunceston Examiner - Dec 2013

      The Moscato Frizzante has underlying citrus with passionfruit and light spice.  Lower in alcohol of about 8 percent and the rippled bottle adds a touch of class.

    • Rob Ingram
      Rob IngramCountry Style, Dec 2013

      A Delicate style with creamy citrus notes ocmplemented by hints of pear, guava and musk. Finishes with soft, clean acidity.

  • 2012 Moscato Frizzante
    • 92 Points – Leanne Churchill
      Leanne ChurchillWine-jury, Geelong Advertiser, Dec 2013

      Grant Burge's offerings never disappoint and this drop lives up to expectations. Not complicated, it's a classic moscato perfect for a summer afternoon with friends. A gentle floral to both the nose and palate, initial flavours of grape and pear open to softly sweet tropical fruit. Well balanced acidity and a hint of sparkle, this wine leaves you wanting more.

    • Gold
    • Silver – 2012 Hobart Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2012 Adelaide Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2012 Decanter Asia Wine Awards
    • Bronze – 2012 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition Awards
    • Bronze – 2012 Perth Wine Show
    • Selector, Australia, Jan 2013
      Selector, Australia, Jan 2013

      This was one of the only wines in this [moscato] line up to show layers of flavours on the palate. A terrific colour of vibrant lime with lifted lychee floral and citrus aromas. It has a vibrant palate with sweet layers of bright lychee fruit, lemon zest and sherbet balanced with a tangy, crunchy acidity.

    • Chris Shanahan
      Chris ShanahanTop Drops, Sunday Canberra Times, Dec 2012

      Formally the grape name is muscat-blanc-a-petite-grains, but in the Barossa they call it white frontignac, or fronti. But there's also a variant plus muscat of Alexandria. In Italy it's moscato, a name increasingly adopted by Aussie winemakers as they emulate the light, zesty, intensely aromatic, grapey, sweet, low-alcohol "frizzante" style made in Asti, Piedmont. Grant Burge's stunning package captures the light, fresh, grapey mood of the wine - an appealing drop that threatens to bring sweetness (balanced by crisp, clean acidity) back into fashion.

    • Geoff Hawthorne
      Geoff HawthorneCentral Coast Express NSW, Oct 2012

      The frizzante is a delicate white wine, crafted from fruit from Grant's premium vineyards and respected growers throughout South Australia. The 2012 season produced extremely favourable conditions, with mild and dry daytime temperatures and cool nights that has produced perfect ripening conditions. This has produced a wine with outstanding aromatics and soft natural acidity, allowing fruit flavours to be preserved.

    • Huon Hooke
      Huon HookeSydney Morning Herald, Nov 2012

      This is one of the most delicious moscatos around, and the value is second to none. It has lots of gas, giving a frothy appearance and lifting floral, muscaty aromas out of the wine. Intense flavour, balanced, sweetness and a clean finish make it a winner. Chill well: enjoy it young and fresh.

    • John Lewis
      John LewisNewcastle Herald, Oct 2012

      Grant Burge launched his Moscato Frizzante, a blend of muscat a petit grains and muscat gordo blanco, in 2008. This 2012 Moscato Frizzante has mild fizz, is green-tinted straw and has lychee scents. The front of the palate unfolds zesty passionfruit flavour and the middle palate adds musk, orange peel and honey elements. Sweetness prevails at the finish.

    • Michael Southern
      Michael SouthernWines - Pittwater Life NSW, Nov 2012

      Moscato is not among my favourite drops, but then I don't like wines that are too sweet. It was a bit of a surprise however to try the Grant Burge white and a rose moscato which turned out to be not too oversweet but in fact quite palatable. These are low alcohol wines, the white redolent of melon, the rose having musky and Turkish Delight characteristics. They show the floral burst that comes from a muscatel grape. Both are fresh, clean crisp wines, lightly sparkling, with will be best drunk young and cold.

    • Tim White
      Tim WhiteAustralian Financial Review, Australia, Nov 2012

      There's frequently something a bit spritzy about summer puddings - all those reduced mouth-popping, acid-sweet summer forest berries presumably - and they suit frothy, but not too sweet, moscato styles. And this Grant Burge example consistently fits the bill: just the right amount of sweetness on the tip of the tongue and a bit of "grip" to finish, with translucent juicy pear and tangerine in between.

    • Weekend Post Aug 2012
      Weekend Post Aug 2012

      A wine with a light zing on the tongue from a touch of carbonation. A sweeter style of wine, with marmalade, florals and a touch of musk. It's also a lower alcohol wine too, making it a perfect lunchtime wine. The only downside with this wine is that if it stays open in the fridge too long it will start to loose it's taste. Try to have the bottle at lunch with friends or within a day of opening.

  • 2011 Moscato Frizzante
    • Jeff Collerson
      Jeff CollersonDaily Telegraph Jan 2012

      This is among the best Moscato. Made from white Frontignac and Muscat Gordon grapes, it has a faint fizz and at 8 percent is low in alcohol. It is fruity and sweet, not sugary, and is fresh and crisp.

    • Ross Noble
      Ross NobleMt Barker Courier SA, May 2012

      For Mother's Day a light fizz with low alcohol is the Grant Burge Moscato Frizzante 2011 in a distinctive ripple bottle shape. Made from white frontignac and muscat gordo blanco it will be a sweet surprise for your Mum.

    • John Lewis
      John LewisNewcastle Herald Dec 2011

      Grant Burge was quick to jump aboard the Moscato bandwagon when he launched the 2008 Moscato Frizzante. It was a move that paid off, because market surveys show Moscato sales grew by 45.7% during 2010. This 2011 Moscato Frizzante maintains the low alcohol and eye-catching fluted bottle of the inaugural release. Made from a blend of Muscat a petit grains and Muscat gordo blanco, it is green-tinged lemon, has mild effervescence and musk aromas. Sweet passionfruit flavour dominates the front of the palate and lychee, orange peel and honey elements home in on the middle palate. Fruit sweetness persists at the finish. Drink with spring rolls, enchiladas or peperoni and eggplant pizza.

  • 2010 Moscato Frizzante
    • Bronze – 2011 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Comp
    • Bronze – 2010 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit
    • Wine Selector Apr 2012
      Wine Selector Apr 2012

      Add a touch of sparkle to your evening with the gentle effervescence of the Grant Burge Moscato. Sweet and seductive, it will definitely keep you coming back for more. Bright and lively, it has fresh, low alcohol appeal and alluring aromas of musk, vanilla and lychee. It displays honey and lemon flavours on the palate with good length, sweetness and balance. A perfect aperitif or complement to fresh fruit desserts.

    • Wine Selector Oct 2011
      Wine Selector Oct 2011

      Made from white Frontignac grapes, this is a delicate style suited to all tastes and many occasions. This wine is handcrafted from Grant's premium vineyards in south Australia. The stunning new package of twisted green glass evokes art-nouveau style and captures the light, fresh mood of the wine. It is pale gold in colour with lifted floral aromas and small beads of bubbles. Sweet spice and subtle herbaceous tones are complemented by hints of boiled sweets and musk. The palate is light in the mouth with floral and slight herbaceous tones continuing from the nose. It is well balanced with a natural sweetness and crisp acidity. The wine finishes with a soft clean acid and lingering 'frizzante' dancing on your tongue. Lower in alcohol, it is a wonderful drinking wine for any time of the day or year and is suited as an aperitif or a perfect accompaniment to desert.

    • Selector Magazine Spring 2010
      Selector Magazine Spring 2010

      Grant Burge has reached legend status - not just in the Barossa Valley, but throughout Australia and internationally. This young Moscato adds a touch of glamour to his repertoire with it's fresh, low alcohol appeal. Bright and lively, it has alluring aromas of musk, vanilla and lychee. It displays honey and lemon flavours with good length, sweetness and balance. Moscato makes a perfect aperitif or would complement fresh fruit desserts or strongly flavoured vintage cheeses.

  • 2009 Moscato Frizzante
    • Sumptuous Magazine May 2010
      Sumptuous Magazine May 2010

      Over the last few years there has been a phenomenal growth in demand for Moscato. Wine drinkers have come to love its fresh grapey flavour, its zesty bubbles, and sweet taste. It's like sherbet in a glass, and has the added bonus of being low in alcohol. Grant Burge have a wonderful example that has the fine traits of this wine, a lifted sweet, spicy aroma with hints of musk, a fresh, fruity palate and a clean finish. It would be perfect to pair with baked figs.

    • Winestate Dec 2010
      Winestate Dec 2010

      Grapey/Muscat nose and fresh, clean palate. Lovely well-made wine.

  • 2008 Moscato Frizzante
    • 92 Points – Tim White
      Tim WhiteAustralian Financial Review Nov 2008

      Pristine, orange-rose smelling, even a touch of banana. Lively and frothy in the mouth, soft, gentle pear, citrus and rose. Finishes crisp and not to sweet tasting.

    • Gold – 2009 Harpers Design Awards (UK)
    • Silver – 2009 Korea Wine Challenge
    • Other (4 stars) – John Lewis
      John LewisNewcastle Herald, NSW Sep 2008

      This wine is light gold and has a pleasant effervescence. Peach blossom and honey scents show on the nose and ripe mandarin flavour comes through on the front of the palate. Musk and orange-peel characters chim in on the middle palate and the finsih is, to m y taste, cloyingly sweet.

    • James Halliday
      James HallidayAustralian Wine Companion 2010

      Fresh and full of musk and grapey essence; vibrant and fun, to be enjoyed in its youth.

    • Chris Shanahan
      Chris ShanahanCanberra Times Oct 2008

      TOP DROPS. Formally a Muscat-Blanc-a-petite-grains, but in the Barossa they call it white Frontignac, or fronti. In Italy it its Moscato, a name increasingly adopted by Aussie winemakers as they emulate the light, zesty, grapey, sweet, 'frizzante' style made in Asti, Piedmont. Grant Burge's stunning new package captures the light, fresh, grapey mood of the wine- an appealing drop that threatens to bring sweetness back into fashion. It contains just 8.5% alcohol.

    • Chris Shanahan
      Chris ShanahanCanberra Times Oct 2008

      Formally it's muscat-blanc-a-petite-grains, but in the Barossa they call it white Frontignac. In Italy it's Moscato, a name increasingly adopted by Aussie winemakers as they emulate the light, zesty, grapey, sweet, 'frizzante' style made in Asti, Piedmont. Grant Burge's stunning new package captures the light, fresh, grapey mood of the wine- an appealing drop that threatens to bring sweetness back into fashion. It contains just 8.5 per cent per alcohol.

    • Darryl Thomas
      Darryl ThomasSunday Territorian, NT, Dec 2008

      A sexy bottle that looks great and so is the wine. Predominately white frontignac, a light, fresh wine with rose water, floral and musk flavours. Naturally sweet and lively with a crisp, zingy citus acid finish. Food match Indonesian chilli chicken.

    • Graeme Phillips
      Graeme PhillipsSunday Tasmanian, Hobart, Dec 2008

      Sweet, grapey aromatics and a light spritz finishing with refreshing zip and zing in true quaffable moscato style.

    • Marinella Padula
      Marinella PadulaMelbourne Leader, Hume Leader, Dec 2008

      Grant Burge's 2008 Moscato comes with floral aromas and a particularly festive bottle. Lower alcohol makes it a good choice for designated drivers.

    • National Liquor News Nov 2008
      National Liquor News Nov 2008

      This delicious crisp, clean Moscato is as elegant as the stylish bottle.

    • Robin Powell
      Robin PowellWho Food Who Weekly Oct 2008

      Moscato is still our favourite breakfast wine for its sweet, low alcohol fizz. This version bottles up the bubbles in twisted green glass that evokes art-nouveau style. The wine is in the sweeter edge-its made from Frontignac- and smells like roses and tastes like lychees.

  • 2007 Moscato Frizzante
    • Bronze – 2007 Royal Melbourne Wine Show
    • Kerry Skinner
      Kerry SkinnerIllawarra Mercury Aug 2007

      One thing that sets Barossa Winemaker Grant Burge apart from many of his contemporaries is his willingness to step outside the square. Made from white Frontignac grapes this new-release Moscato is youthful, sweet ands attractively presented with fragrant floral, lime and musky notes on the nose that flow through to the palate, a hint of fizz, a backbone of vibrant acidity and a clean crisp finish.

    • Liquor Watch Aug 2007
      Liquor Watch Aug 2007

      Grant Burge leading the way…The winery has released their 2007 Moscato, which is pale gold in colour with a rose petal bouquet and natural sweetness that is balanced by the elegant acid structure.


2016 Moscato Frizzante


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