Media Release – Craig Stansborough Declared Winemaker of the Year – Feb 2014

Heading into his 21st vintage at Grant Burge Wines, Craig Stansborough, Chief Winemaker, was awarded the prestigious Winemaker of the Year at the Barons of the Barossa, Declaration of Vintage celebrations on Sunday 16th February.

Held on the third Sunday of February every year the Barons of Barossa declare the vintage in a unique and colourful ceremony, paying tribute to past Baron’s who have many stories of achievement and announcing the winners of the Viticulturist and Winemaker of the Year.

“I feel extremely honoured and humbled by this award. To be placed on an honour roll with so many talented Barossan’s is very humbling”, Craig said.

“What a deserving winner! Craig’s dedication and passion to producing the finest Barossa wines is truly amazing, so it is fitting that he has been recognised with this award heading into his 21st vintage with the company”, Grant Burge said.

Craig joined Grant Burge Wines in 1993 as Cellar Manager and was soon promoted to Assistant Winemaker in 1994, Winemaker in 1995 and Senior Winemaker in 1997, with his meteoric rise within the company being due to his enormous talents, leadership, inquisitive mind, and his unrelenting passion for winemaking.

Acknowledged for his contribution to making some of Australia’s most respected wines, including Meshach, Shadrach and the highly regarded Filsell and The Holy Trinity, Craig is justifiably proud of his close working relationship with Grant, which has crafted a solid reputation for excellence and conveying the true values of the Barossa.

“Grant and I share common ideas and beliefs,” says Craig. “He is very receptive and open to new ideas and allows experimentation, which I believe is very important for the future development of the company and its portfolio.”

A passionate ambassador for the Barossa, Craig travels internationally for the company promoting the values and messages which have made the region famous. Being a vineyard owner as well as winemaker, Craig knows the nuances of the region intimately, the seasons, the soil, the varieties and is committed to maintaining the healthy environment to hand to future generations.

The Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa was founded in 1974 by a group of influential Barossa wine industry personalities. George Kolarovich (Barossa Co-operative, Kaiser Stuhl) was elected as the first Grand Master. Other founding Barons were Wyndham Hill-Smith (Yalumba), Colin Gramp (Orlando), Bill Seppelt (Seppelts), Sir Condor Laucke, Bruce Hoffmann, Peter Lehmann and Cyril Henschke.

The Fraternity is administered by the Grand Council which is elected biennially. Membership of the Fraternity is by invitation and is offered to persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the Barossa. New Barons are inducted into the Fraternity in a colourful ceremony and membership is for life.

The focus of the Barons of Barossa has remained unchanged since its foundation and it continues to proudly and enthusiastically support Barossa wine, viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and the arts.